Your mikme is in the STANDBY / IDLE mode if the top LED is:

  • Steady white — local STANDBY / IDLE, used as standalone device, ready for recordings

  • Steady blue — Bluetooth STANDBY / IDLE, connected with mikme app, ready for recordings 

2 — USB  

  • Steady light blue/turquoise — USB MODE, connected via USB cable, ready for recordings 

3 — GAIN

When your mikme flashes, the gain is too high. Access the gain by pressing the top button for a few seconds until it turns either pink (auto) or yellow (manual).


  • Blinking pink — you're in the gain setting mode. The input signal is too loud, which causes an irregular blinking. The mikme will adjust the gain automatically. 

  •   Steady pink – the gain is okay


  • Blinking yellow — you're in the gain setting mode. The input signal is too loud, which causes an irregular blinking > decrease the gain with the +/- buttons on the  rear side. 

  • Steady yellow – the gain is okay

Learn how to set the gain here.


  • Steady red – you are recording and the gain is adjusted correctly.

  • Blinking red — the gain is too high

Learn how to set the gain here.


Your mikme plays back the last recording when you double tap the top LED.

  • Steady green — playback of your last recording

6 — File Transfer

When your mikme's top LED is orange, you are connected via USB for file transfer. To get there, connect it first via USB cable to your computer and then power it on. If you turn it on, and then connect it via USB cable to your computer, it will work as a USBn microphone. 

  • Steady orange you are connected and NO data is transferred

  • Blinking orange — you are connected and data transfer is in progress

Learn how to connect via USB here.

7 — Updating

When your mikme starts the disco mode, its operating system (OS) is updating. 

  • Blinking pink and turquoise — mikme OS update Step 1 (Bootloader) is in progress

  • Blinking blue and green — mikme OS update Step 2 is in progress

  • Steady white — the update was done successfully 

Learn how to update your mikme here.

8 — SOS pattern

Your mikme flashes in the SOS pattern with 3 short, 3 long, 3 short blinks.

  • Constant SOS looping in pink  – You finished step 1 of the update process. Go on with Step 2. Learn how to update your mikme’s OS here.

  • SOS looping in pink or red – Something happened. There is a problem that needs attention. Please see the troubleshooting article here.


1 — Battery status, in operation, not connected via USB or charger

  • Steady green — battery capacity is higher than 35%

  • Steady orange — battery capacity is between 10% and 35%

  • Blinking orange — battery capacity is lower than 10%

2 —  Battery status, connected via USB or charger

  • Blinking orange — charging or trickle charging

  • Light is off — charging suspended

  • Green blinking — fully charged

Learn how to charge here.

3 — Connect via Bluetooth

  • Fats blinking blue — visible and waiting for pairing

  • Steady blue — connected

  • Slow blinking blue – waiting for auto re-connection

Learn how to connect your mikme here.

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