You can record and use your mikme device in multiple ways:

  • for local audio recording (no app needed),
  • by remote controlling your device with the mikme app,
  • as an external USB microphone with your computer,
  • for wireless audio recording with the mikme app,
  • and for wireless audio recording with iPhone video with the mikme app

1 - Local audio recording (no app needed)

Your mikme is a studio-grade microphone with a built-in standalone audio recorder. It works on its own, recording studio-grade audio in 24 Bit up to 96 kHz all by itself and always storing your audio recordings locally. 

To use your mikme for local audio recording, simply turn it on and press the mikme button to start recording (the LED will turn red). To stop the recording, just press the mikme button again – it's as easy as that!

2 - Remote controlling from the mikme app

Another option similar to the above, that gives you the added ease of starting & stopping your recording from afar, is to remote control your mikme device with the mikme app. This allows you to set parameters right from the app and still make use of the different sampling rates.

With the remote control feature, simply open the recording screen of your mikme app and scroll to the "Remote" option. Start and stop your recording from here, as if your phone is a remote control for your mikme! In this case, your device will also not send any audio data to the app.

3 - External USB microphone recording/streaming

You can also use your mikme as an external USB microphone with your computer (Mac or PC). Simply connect the mikme microphone to your computer with a USB cable, making sure to FIRST turn on your mikme and THEN plug it into your computer. From there, you can record with any computer software (such as DAWs, audio and video software), livestream with any service such as Facebook Live, or conduct an audio/video call with Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. For more information, see our article on how to use your mikme as a USB microphone.

4 - Wireless audio recording with the mikme app

With the mikme wireless link, you can securely record and sync high-quality audio data from your mikme to the mikme app. When used in wireless audio recording mode, your mikme will record in full 44.1 kHz audio bandwidth with 24 Bit; the file will be synced immediately to the app and also stored directly on your mikme device.

The recording wirelessly with audio only, navigate to the main recording screen of the mikme app and the "Audio" tab. Start and stop your recording from this screen, and save it to your mikme gallery with a cover photo and name if desired.

See a speech and interview recording with mikme

5 - Wireless audio recording with iPhone video and the mikme app

This functionality allows you to record high-quality audio with your mikme as above (see 4), while simultaneously recording video from your iPhone's internal camera. The mikme app makes sure that the audio and video is synced automatically.

If you're looking to record a smartphone video but want better audio, this is the way to go. This setup also has the huge advantage that you can wirelessly record audio with your mikme close to the sound source, and that moving around with your iPhone to get the best possible video won't negatively impact the quality of your audio. Please note that this functionality is not currently possible with the mikme Android app, which is audio-only.

Here are an examples of a video recorded with just a mikme, an iPhone, and the mikme app:

The Morning Yells recorded with mikme at Topanga

Happy creating!

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