The mikme iOS app works seamlessly with all mikme devices and lets you capture audio and video with ease:

1) remote control local recordings

You can control your mikme device remotely: using the app, start and stop local audio recordings and/or change the settings of the microphone.

2) wirelessly record audio

Record and stream audio from your mikme completely wirelessly to your iPhone. Then edit, mix and share right from the app!

 3) wirelessly record and sync audio & video 

Record audio wirelessly from your mikme device, while capturing video with the camera of your iPhone. The mikme app will automatically synchronise the audio with the video, and then you can edit & share your studio quality creation all within the app as well.

An audio/video sample

The following video was shot on an iPhone, using the mikme app. The audio was recorded with a mikme gold microphone, and audio and video were synced by the mikme app.

The Morning Yells in Topanga

Happy Creating!

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