The mikme app works with all mikme devices to seamlessly capture audio from your microphone while also capturing video from your smartphone's built-in camera.

Here's a step-by-step guide to the the process:

1 - Connect your mikme device to your smartphone 

First, pair your mikme with your smartphone. Then, in the settings screen of the mikme app, select the mikme device from which you wish to record.

2 - Choose to record with video on the capture screen

Go to the capture screen in the app, and tap “VIDEO” to bring up the video viewfinder. If you don't see it right away, scroll between the recording options until you see VIDEO.

3 - Start your video recording

Tap the big red button to start recording your video! This will in parallel also start recording audio on your selected mikme device (you'll see the main LED turn red to show that it's recording).

4 - When you're done, end your video recording

Once your video is complete, end recording by pressing the stop button (red square). When you do this, the app will stop the video recording and your mikme device will stop its audio recording (you'll see the main LED return to blue).

If no audio packets were lost while recording, you can move to step 6. If any packets were lost (due to Bluetooth connectivity issues), the mikme app will quickly and seamlessly synchronise the recording to your smartphone from the files saved in your mikme device.  Your audio recordings will always be synchronised with the app (and with your video), even when Bluetooth is interrupted.

The progress bar will show the transfer of audio from the mikme to your smartphone. After the audio synchronisation process is complete, the app will then save the video and all audio tracks together.

6 - Edit your video

If you want to review or edit your video, navigate to the gallery (bottom left icon in the app) and select the video you've just recorded. Here you can watch back your video and trim it if needed. To edit volume levels, panorama and effects, click the edit icon in the lower left corner of your screen, where you can trim and edit the audio/video file.

7 - Share your video

With the share button in the bottom right corner, you can export your video (or the audio alone) to your camera roll, friends, or social media, or you can store/share it via iTunes File Share and Dropbox.

Happy creating!

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