The Mikme Recording App works with the Mikme Microphone to seamlessly capture audio from your Mikme Microphone while also capturing video from your smartphones’ built-in camera.

This is how it works step by step:

1 - Connect the Mikme Microphone 

First, pair your Mikme Microphone with your smartphone using Bluetooth in System Settings.  Then, in the Settings screen of the Mikme App, you can select the Mikme Microphone from which you wish to record.

2 - Choose video at the app recording screen

Next, go to the Capture screen in the Mikme Recording App, and tap “VIDEO” to bring up the video viewfinder.

3 - Start the video recording

Tap the big red button to start recording video.  This will also start recording audio on the selected Mikme Microphone.

4 - Capture your video

The App will stop recording video and audio.

5 - Stop the Video 

Stop the video by pressing the stop button. The App will stop the video recording at the app and the audio recording at the Mikme Microphone. 

If packets were lost while recording (due to Bluetooth connectivity issues), the app will seamlessly synchronize the recording to your smartphone from the files saved in the Mikme Microphone.  Your audio recordings are always synchronized with the app, even when Bluetooth is interrupted.

The progress bar will show the transfer of audio from the Mikme Microphone to your smartphone.  After the audio synchronization process completes, the app will then save the video and all audio tracks together.

6 - Edit your video

At the edit screen you can crop and edit the audio/video file. The app records audio from the Mikme Microphone but also the audio from the internal microphone. 

The top track is the video track, which will appear in fullscreen mode if you select it.  The next track is the audio recording from the Mikme Microphone, and the 3rd track is audio from the internal smartphone microphone - these tracks can be edited and cropped, and volume levels, panorama and effects can be altered for each track independently.

The second track is the Mikme Microphone audio and the third track the internal Microphone track. You can change the volume, panorama or effects for the audio tracks.

7 - Share your video

With the Share Button on the bottom right, you can export the video to the Camera Roll, or use the final rendering with other 3rd-party Apps.

Happy creating!

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