2.0 – Launch – September 2017 

  • Launch in Apple App app store with support for Mikme Microphone.
  • Stability improvements.

2.1 – Video integration – November 2017 

  • Let's you wirelessly record audio with your Mikme Microphone and at the same time video with the internal camera of your iPhone. The app will automatically sync audio to video and let's you export synced video/audio to camera roll and 3rd party apps
  • Imrpoved UI
  • Change gain while recording

2.2.5 – Bug Fix Release – March 2018 

  • Refined visualisation of recording exports
  • Faster and improved file exports
  • Export of trimmed tracks 
  • First pairing of a Mikme Microphone within the Mikme App settings menu
  • No interruptions for video recordings by system alerts (e.g. low battery)
  • When breaking up an ongoing Mikme sync, videos are stored in the App with the audio from the internal iOS microphone only.

3.0.1 bleed UI – July 2018

  • New designed User Interface 
  • The interface is optimized for iPhone X and iPhone SE.
  • The first pairing of a Mikme Microphone can be done directly in the MikmeApp settings.
  • When an ongoing Mikme sync breaks up, videos are still stored in the App with the audio from the internal iOS microphone. 

3.0.4 Bug Fix Release – November 2018 

  • Usage tips added on the first app start for an easy and fast app onboarding
  • Enhanced wireless syncing for longer recordings with Mikme Microphone
  • UI improvements and bug fixes

3.1 Auto Gain – February – 2019 

  • Implementation of an automatic gain setting 
  • New bigger VU meter to preview the audio level (before recording)
  • Improved video and audio sync for recordings (better latency compensation) 
  • Recovered Files in case of any sync issues (learn more here)
  • Option to discard a recording before saving it to the gallery
  • Improved Over-The-Air firmware update flow
  • UI adjustments (extended gain settings menu and audio waveform)
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes 

3.1.4 Audio Live Monitoring – September – 2019

  • Audio Live Monitoring:
    Listen into your microphone to check if the sound source and Mikme are all set up.
  • Power Saver:
    To save battery power, set a time when you want the Mikme to switch off automatically.- Fixed video orientation issue when rotating the phone.- UI adjustments.
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.

3.2 Failsafe Sync – December – 2019 

  • Failsafe Sync:
    Allows you to sync your interrupted file sync after the recording
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes 
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