If you want to use your mikme gold, silver or pocket with a computer, for recording or a video call, these steps will help you get started. And while your mikme device cannot be used for wireless livestreaming (yet), it *is* possible to use your mikme device for livestreaming via USB.

1 – Power on your mikme device

  • Make sure that your device is NOT yet connected to your computer via USB and that you're NOT connected via Bluetooth to the mikme app. 

2 – Connect your mikme device via USB

  • Take a micro USB cable & connect your mikme device to your computer (Mac, Windows or Linux).

  • Once the LED of your mikme button has turned to a light blue/turquoise, your mikme device is in USB microphone mode.

3 – Select your mikme device as the sound input source

  • Choose your mikme device as the sound input source in your computer's settings.

4 – Set the gain

  • You can change the gain of your mikme device by tapping and holding the mikme button (the LED will turn pink). 

  • Use the +/- buttons on the back or bottom of your mikme device to adjust the gain (aka microphone sensitivity) to your needs. To reduce the gain, press until the top LED stops flashing. Learn more about the gain setting here. 

  • Tap the mikme button again to save the gain settings (the LED will turn light blue/turquoise once more).

5 – Done? Disconnect your mikme device

  • Eject your mikme device, remove the USB cable or turn off your mikme device to leave the USB Microphone mode. 

Good to know!
When your mikme device is in USB Microphone mode it uses a fixed sample rate of 48kHz, a bit depth of 24 Bits and acts as a mono audio input for your computer.

Happy creating!

The mikme team

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