Learn how to setup and use the Mikme Microphone as an external USB microphone with your computer.

1 – Power on your Mikme Microphone

  • Make sure you're NOT connected to your computer or via Bluetooth to the Mikme App. 

2 – Connect the Mikme via USB

  • Take a micro USB cable & connect the Mikme Microphone with your computer (Mac, Windows or Linux).
  • If top LED of the Mikme becomes light blue/turquoise, your Mikme is the USB microphone mode.

3 – Choose Mikme as external microphone 

  • Now you can select the Mikme as external USB Microphone input in you computer settings or within the software you want to use it with.

4 – Set the gain

  • You can change the gain of the Mikme if you tap and hold the top button till its top LED turns pink
  • Use the +/- buttons to adjust the gain until it fits your recording settings. To reduce the gain, press until the top LED stops flashing. Learn more about the gain setting here. 
  • Tap the top button again to save gain and the top LED will become turquoise again

5 – Done? Disconnect the Mikme

  • Eject the Mikme, remove the USB cable or turn off the Mikme to leave the USB Microphone mode. 

Good to know!
If Mikme is in USB Microphone mode it uses a fixed samplerate of 48kHz with 24 Bits and acts as a mono audio input for your computer.

Happy creating!

The Mikme team

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