The Mikme App that is currently available at the Apple App Store comes with the basic features.

Based on a lot of customer feedback we developed the Mikme Pro App with additional premium features. The Mikme Pro App will be available with the Mikme Pro Subscription (monthly/yearly paid subscription) and can currently be tested as Beta. 

Here are the premium features of the Mikme Pro Beta App currently available:

Video settings for front and rear camera
(@app settings menu "Video settings")

  • Set custom video framerate (25fps to 60fps - based on your iPhone)
  • Set custom video resolution (up to 4k - based on your iPhone)

Wirelessly record with multiple Mikmes
(@app settings menu you can select 2-3 Mikmes)

  • Once you record audio or video you will record wirelessly from 2-3 Mikmes and get seperate audio tracks foreach Mikme in the Mikme file screen
  • Edit each track from each Mikme seperately
  • Video from the smartphone camera and each audio of each Mikme will be synced automatically

Manual video zoom

Set/Lock focus and aperture manually
(@video recording "tap screen" to show focus and aperture points)

  • Set a custom focus point and lock it by tapping the screen
  • Set a custom aperture point and lock it by tapping the screen

Audio settings (@app settings menu "Settings")

  • Set custom levelmeter settings for attack and decay

Branding (@app settings menu "Branding")

  • Add custom watermark (your logo) for video renderings which will be added at video export
  • Add intro/outro videos for video rendering at export

We work on more features to add as Pro features, such as:

  • Video Live streaming (RTMP)
  • Video Live streaming for facebook, youtube and periscope

If you are interested in testing the Beta version of the Mikme Pro App, drop us a line to 

Here's a brief overview for you to see the difference between the Basic and the Pro App:

Happy Creating!

The Mikme Team

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