In case something went wrong with one of your video recordings, don't worry: the video files are always backed up on your phone.

1 - Find the broken files

You can see if there are any files to recover in the mikme app under

Settings > Recoverable Files
(if you don't see this option, that means there are no files to recover).

Why does this happen?
This might occur if your mikme ran out of battery, your app crashed, or the Bluetooth connection to your mikme was lost while recording. When this happens, your video and audio can't be synced automatically by the app. 

2 - Get the broken files

What do I need to do?

  1. On your iPhone, navigate to to Files > Mikme > Recovered Mikme Files to find your missing file.

  2. If you use a Mac, we recommend you then upload the recovered file to your iCloud. Otherwise, follow the instructions outlined here to connect your mikme to a computer via USB to transfer the files.

  3. Use a 3rd party program such as iMovie, FinalCut or PremierePro to put your audio and video files back together.

Happy creating!

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