Learn how to set the gain for mikme OS 0.70 and higher, here.

what is gain?

The gain of a microphone sets the sensitivity of the audio input. When setting the gain you increase or reduce the strength of a recorded audio signal in order to optimise it for further signal processing. 

Generally speaking, if you have a very silent or weak input signal you should increase gain to get a better signal-to-noise ratio for your recording. If you don't, the low signal can lead to unwanted noise in your recording.

If you have a very loud input signal you should decrease the gain. If you don't, the signal fed into the Analog-Digital Converter (ADC) will be too loud. This will lead to overdrive and a distorted sound.

indications of a too high gain (leading to distortion)

  1. mikme silver or gold: the mikme button will clip. AKA: the light will quickly cut out and come back on

  2. mikme app: an exclamation mark will appear next to the gain menu icon and red will appear in your audio waveform

indications of a too low gain (leading to noise)

  1. mikme silver or gold: you can’t hear anything or need to increase the volume when monitoring the audio signal with your headphones

  2. mikme app: you don’t see any or a very low audio waveform

setting the gain on your mikme silver or gold 

1. access gain mode 

Press and hold the mikme button for at least 2 seconds, the LED will turn pink.

2. check and adjust the gain

Set and adjust the gain by pushing the +/- buttons on the rear side of your mikme while you are singing, speaking, or making sound. The gain is set properly when there is no clipping the mikme button. Continuous clipping of the mikme button's LED indicates that there is a signal overload (which results in distorted sound). If this occurs, the gain is too high and you should lower it using the - button.

You can set the gain from 0-30 dB. 

Hot tip: if you have already set the lowest possible gain but you are still experiencing clipping, you should try and increase the distance between the sound source and your mikme gold or silver. This should reduce the signal level of the microphone's input.

3. save the gain

Once you’ve finished adjusting the gain, push the mikme button again. It will then turn from pink back to either white (standalone use) or blue (app use). The gain is now saved for future recordings, even if you switch off the mikme.

4. adjust during a recording

If you need to change the gain during an ongoing recording, no problem, just follow the same steps - your recording will not be cut by accessing gain mode. This video demonstrates:

setting the gain using your mikme app

1. connect your mikme silver or gold in the mikme app

2. open the app settings & select your microphone by tapping the microphone icon


3. adjust the gain using the INPUT GAIN fader

You can set the gain from 0-30 dB in 1-3 dB steps using the fader in the setting screen. 

If the mikme button on your silver or gold device is clipping, the gain is too high and the audio signal peaks are too loud. To set a lower gain, move the fader to the left until the mikme button on the microphone stops clipping while recording your speech, music etc

4. exit the settings

Once you've found the ideal gain for your project, exit the settings menu. The last INPUT GAIN setting will be stored automatically on your mikme device and in the app.

We recommend performing a soundcheck and setting the gain before every recording.

Happy creating!

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