Mikme helps you to get professional sound for your smartphone videos. 

Learn now how to record a video with the Mikme App and export and share the video with great sound at your favourite social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or LinkedIn.

1 – Record with the Mikme App

First record your video with the Mikme App. Use the Mikme Microphone so you capture professional audio and automatically sync the video of your smartphone with your audio.

Hit the video recording button in the Mikme App and record your video.

2 – Open your video in the gallery

Go to the gallery and open your video.

3 – Edit your video in the Mikme App (optional)

You can edit the audio of your video in the Mikme App and adjust the volume or the stereo panorama (if you hear the audio from the left/right side of your speakers/headphones) with the build in Mikme mixer.

Add audio effects such as filters to further shape your audio.

Trim your video to your needed length.

3 – Export your video from the Mikme App

Now  export your video so you can share it. You can either:

3.A – Share the video directly from the Mikme App or

3.B – Export and save your video first into iOS photos app and then share it from the 3rd party app

3.A – Export to camera roll and share from 3rd party app

If you want to further edit your video in the 3rd party app such as Instagram you can also first export the video to the Apple Photos app and then use that video in Instagram. This works with nearly every 3rd party app you can imagine.

Hit the share button in the Mikme App. Now the video will be rendered and prepared for export. 

At the Share dialog you will see all 3rd party apps with which you can share and export your video. In this example hit the Save video which will save the video to the iOS camera roll so you can later on open Instagram and edit and share the video in Instagram.

3.B – Share your video directly from the Mikme App

If you want to share your video directly from the Mikme App just hit the Export button and share it directly to Instagram with a push of a button.

Happy creating.
The Mikme team ;-)

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