In case the Bluetooth connection to your Mikme device got interrupted, you can easily recover the audio file whenever you're reconnected. 

Also, if syncing of your recordings takes longer due to large file size, the Failsafe Sync feature allows you to stop the process and to take care of it another time.

How does Failsafe Sync work? 

STEP 1 - Stopping the sync 


When the Mikme App loses the Bluetooth connection to its Mikme, the audio wave shows a zero line. Also, you will notice a red exclamation mark next to the name of your Mikme device. 

If you can't reconnect and you stop the recording, you see a screen indicating that your Mikme is offline. That means, the App can't perform the sync of your last audio recording.

Tap Stop and sync later to exit the sync process in the App. 

Now make sure to reconnect to your Mikme device before you proceed to retrieve your files in the Mikme gallery (Step 2).

Please note!

When you stop the recording in the Mikme App while a lost connection, you must stop the recording on your Mikme device manually.  


When you recorded a large file size, or there have been dropouts, syncing of your audio track can take a little longer.

If you don't want to wait and finish the sync at a later time, exit the sync process by tapping Stop and resync later.

STEP 2 - Resyncing files 

Files with incomplete sync (no matter the reason) are marked unsynced in the Mikme gallery as shown in the screen below.  

Whenever you want to retrieve interrupted audio data:

  • connect the Mikme device you used for the recording
  • open the gallery 
  • select the file you wish to resync to your phone
  • watch the sync progress bar grow 

If you still get the error message that your Mikme device is offline, please check its connection. And make sure you use the correct Mikme, which is the one named in the sync screen. 

Are you ready? Great. Then go back to the gallery and click the file you wish to resync again. 

And that's it. If you now open your Mikme gallery, you see your recording thumbnail containing your completely synced recording. 

Happy Recording! 

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