Important Notes 

  • DO NOT update your Mikme OS from iOS (Over the Air) to keep iOS AND Android compatibility

  • DO NOT disconnect Mikme at any time while updating.

  • Optionally backup your recordings by copying all files from your Mikme Microphone onto your computer (Learn how to access your files here).

1 – You need to have access to a computer. You cannot make this update from your phone.

2 – Click the button below to save the latest mikme OS for Android file to your computer 

3 – Prepare your mikme microphone

  • Make sure your mikme is powered off

  • Connect your mikme with the USB cable that came with your mikme to your computer's USB port.

  • Turn your mikme microphone on (push and hold the power button on the left rear side of your mikme for one second).

  • Your mikme's top LED will flash orange (it can take up to 10 seconds until the top  LED flashes orange).

4 – Update the mikme OS 

  • You should see the mikme mounted as an external storage on your computer's file explorer – it can take up to 10 seconds until the top LED flashes orange.

  • Copy or move the file you downloaded, which should be named ff007021.mkm, from your computer's downloads folder to your mikme's root folder. The root folder is the main folder you see if you click on the connected mikme in your computer's file explorer.

  • Eject your mikme from your computer using the eject button of your computer's file explorer. DO NOT unplug the USB cable that connects mikme with your computer while updating. 

  • Your mikme will perform the update — this takes about 1 minute. The top LED of your mikme will blink blue and green while updating. 

  • Wait until your mikme restarts automatically. 

  • When the top LED of your mikme appears steady white or orange again, this means you've successfully updated the OS of your mikme microphone.

Now you're good to go.
You can start capturing your next masterpiece. 

Happy creating! 

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