Hello, so you need to enter recovery mode. This can be useful if you need to recover a bricked mikme device, for example. 

Entering recovery mode is intentionally difficult because we don’t want people to enter this mode accidentally. But this also means you need to read the instructions carefully once through before beginning. No really, read them.

To enter recovery mode follow these steps:

1. Read all the steps ;)

2. Turn your mikme off (if it isn’t already) by pressing down on the power button for 1 second. All of your mikme’s lights should be off. Note: You can complete these instructions with or without having the mikme’s USB cable plugged in.

3. Place your mikme down on a solid surface, with the front of the mikme lying on the surface and the back of the mikme facing you. Like this:

4. Use the index and middle finger OR your thumb from your left hand (you will need the right one later ;) ) to press down the power and bluetooth buttons simultaneously. They must be pressed in unison. If you press the buttons at slightly different times it will not work. If this happens, no stress, please go back to step 2 and start again.

5. Keep holding the power and bluetooth buttons down for 15 seconds, continue holding them and go to step 6. If you accidentally stop holding one or both buttons, go back to step 2 and start again.

6. Now use your right hand (again, middle finger and index finger OR thumb) to press down the + and - buttons simultaneously. Now you should have all 4 of the buttons on the back pressed down. Continue holding them and go to step 7. 

For the next part, we need to move quickly and smoothly. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee... 

7. Release the bluetooth button and then immediately release the + and - buttons. 

Wicked! The top LED should now be blinking red (SOS-pattern). This means you have successfully entered recovery mode. If your mikme is not blinking red, go back to step 2 and try, try again. 

Sometimes this process takes a little bit of practice but you’ve got this! #webelieveinyou 

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