1. Before you start

Enjoy reading this guide from start to finish. No seriously, read through the whole thing once before you use your mikme connect.

2. Take a look around your new device

Hardware reset

If you’re having issues and think you might need a hardware reset, follow these instructions.

3. Learn the light language

4. Follow these tips to sound your best

  • Record close to the sound source (20-30 cm/8-12” away is usually ideal).

  • Ever experienced that awful echo or feedback during a conference call? It’s usually because too many people in the call are not muted, causing uncomfortable distortion noise. With mikme connect you can be the height of politeness but using ample use of the top button to mute on, mute off! Your colleagues will thank you.

  • The connect has a cardioid polar pattern, meaning you should have the front of it facing the sound source you want to capture – if you speak into the back of it, it will lack some oomph.

  • Minimise echo by using your mikme somewhere that doesn’t have open, empty walls. Better yet, build a blanket fort and use it from there.

  • Pah, pah, one, two! Not just fun to say - words with sharp and popping sounds are perfect for checking and setting your gain (aka: sensitivity levels).

  • Shh! Silence any unnecessary nearby electronic devices that may cause processing noise.

  • If using headphones to listen to your computer’s audio, plug the headphones into your computer and not into your mikme connect. Use the mikme connect stereo jack only for self-monitoring.

5. Connect and start making waves!

Plug your mikme connect into your computer's USB port and enjoy an instant connection with the sound universe. Some notes:

  • To avoid waiting time with some older computers, it is best to first plug your USB cable into your computer and then into your mikme connect.

  • The mikme connect is “plug and play”, i.e. you don’t need to charge it, ever.

  • This product is only compatible with computers and laptops – sorry smartphone and tablet users, the mikme connect needs a little more power to work its magic than your devices can provide. Maybe next time!

Happy creating! Get out there and discover sound!

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