1. Important note: DO NOT disconnect your mikme device at any time while updating it via USB.

  2. Download the newest version of your mikme connect's firmware here: at the moment there is no firmware update for the mikme connect.

  3. With your mikme connect connected to your computer (make sure the top LED lights up green), press + and - on the back of your mikme connect, until the the top LED turns orange.
    HINT: If you have your mikme connect connected via an USB hub the LED might not turn orange. If that is the case please connect your mikme connect directly to your computer WITHOUT an USB hub.

  4. Drag and drop the the firmware file you downloaded onto the mikme connect in the file explorer of your operating system (your mikme connect's LED will start blinking).

  5. Eject your mikme connect.

  6. The firmware will be updated automatically (your mikme connect's LED will start blinking in blue and green).

  7. Once your mikme connect's LED turns a steady green the updating process has finished.

  8. If this doesn't work out for any reason, shoot us a mail at support@mikme.com

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