If your Mikme Microphone is not reacting correctly or gets stuck:

  • Such as the buttons are not reacting any more
  • Or the LEDs on your device are showing a strange behavior
  • Or the microphone is not charging
  • etc.

You can manually reset your Mikme with a simple hardware reset.

1 – Press and hold the Power and Bluetooth buttons

Just press and hold the Power button simultaneously with the Bluetooth button at the rear side of the Mikme Microphone (the two buttons at the left side of the USB plug) for more than 15 seconds; wait until the top LED turns black/off and Mikme Microphone restarts again automatically (top LED lights up white).
The reset also works in recording mode, if you cannot stop the recording anymore.

2 – Mikme Microphone will restart automatically

The Mikme Microphone should restart automatically after 15 seconds and have a fresh restart which should solve most of the issues.
Sometimes the microphone will not restart automatically. If this is the case please switch on the microphone manually by pushing the Power button for approximately one second.

3 – If you still have problems

Pleaser contact us through

  • hello at mikme dot com
  • Or through the chat icon on the lower right side of this website

We're happy to assist you in getting your Mikme up and running as fast as possible.

Happy Creating!

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