This article is only about the shipping of Mikme Microphones ordered or backed through our Indiegogo campaign (June 2015 until spring 2017). 

The current status as of August 2017

We've shipped 95% of our Mikme Microphones to all our national and international backers around the world. In total, there were ordered about 2,000 Mikme Microphones through our Indiegogo campaign in 100+ countries.

Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

In Europe and the USA, the Mikme Microphones are shipped with Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA). FBA is the logistics service offered by Amazon for 3rd parties.

Shipping notification email from Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

Once your Mikme is shipped, you'll get a notification email from Amazon (FBA) with all details on your delivery to track your shipping properly.

Our logistics partner Byrd

For international orders that are outside the EU or the US, we have a logistics partner that fulfils and delivers your Mikme no matter where you are. Once it is sent, you'll get tracking email from Byrd

Still waiting for your Mikme?

In case you haven't received anything yet, please check your spam folder and inbox. Usually, there are shipping details missing or the tax payment is still open. So please get back to us in order to have also your Mikme shipped quickly.

Thanks for your patience!
Philipp and the Mikme team

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