1 – First, charge your Mikme

We're going to get Mikme ready to perform. Use the included USB cable to charge your Mikme via USB plug (either a computer or a wall plug). The power LED will start blinking orange after some minutes.

! Let Mikme charge for approximately 4 hours. While charging, the Power LED will flash orange. Once Mikme is fully charged the Power LED light turns off.

2 – Power on

First, disconnect the USB cable. Then press the power button for 1 second. Hence the power LED and top LED will light up.

3 – Record

Tap the button to start recording: the top LED will be red.

Tap the top button again to stop and save the recording. The top LED will be white. 

To turn off Mikme, just hold down the Power button for 5 seconds.

4 – Pair Mikme with your iOS device

Download the App from the App store (Mikme Audio Recording App). As the app is in a public beta stage, it is recommended to make regular backups of your recordings and check the AppStore for the latest version on a regular basis.

Learn how to link your Mikme Microphone wirelessly with your iOS device. You can either pair it directly from the App or do it manually switching on the iPhone Bluetooth.

  • Go to “Settings” in the Mikme App tap “Pair new Mikme”.
  • Follow the instructions in the App
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth for 2 seconds.
  • Mikme goes into pairing mode.

5 – Play around with the App

The Mikme Recording App works seamlessly with the Mikme Microphone and lets you capture audio with ease. 

See the Mikme App's main features at a glance:

  • Remote control local recordings

You can control your Mikme Microphone remotely. Start and stop local audio recordings and change settings of the microphone. The recording will be streamed right away to the app.

  • Wirelessly record audio

Record and stream audio from the Mikme Microphone completely wireless to your iPhone. Then edit, mix and share right from App.

  • Wirelessly record and sync audio & video 

Record audio from the Mikme Microphone wirelessly while capturing video with the camera of your iPhone. The App will automatically synchronise the audio with the video. You can then modify your creation with the different editing options available. 

For much information see the article

6 – Getting familiar with your Mikme

Below a quick recap. Let’s take a look at some important buttons, nooks and crannies we’ll need, such as:

Once you're familiar with all buttons, it looks like Mikme is ready to take center stage.

Happy Creating!

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