Please note: this update will only work with iOS. If you want to update your mikme for Android OS, please go here.

You can update the mikme OS software two different ways, either:
A – The mikme app: Over The Air (OTA) or
B – Manually via USB with your computer


A – Over The Air (OTA) via the mikme app

You can update the firmware via the mikme app when your mikme's OS runs version:

54.04 or HIGHER

Don't know what OS version your are running? Learn how to find the version here.

If you have a version LOWER than 54.04 you will need to update your mikme manually via USB. If this is the case, please proceed to section "B".


1 – turn on your mikme

2 – open your mikme app and navigate to the settings

3 – select your mikme and the microphone's settings menu will appear

4 – navigate to "mikme OS" and click "update" and an update description will appear

Don't see an update button? Only see a mikme OS version number? There could be two possible reasons for this. If the mikme OS version number is 00.54.04 or higher then you are on the latest version and there is no need to update again. You're good to go! But If the mikme OS number is lower than 00.54.04 then you need to update manually as the OTA (over the air) update feature is not available. Please proceed with section "B" below.

5 – read the description and then click "update your mikme"

The app will now automatically update your mikme. The mikme button on top of your gold or silver will flash green and blue while the update is ongoing.

6. watch for the mikme button's LED to turn white - that means you're done!

Your mikme will restart automatically and reconnect with the mikme app. 

OMG, you successfully updated your OS OTA!!!! You rock! Now, get out there and start creating.


B – manually via USB on your computer

Before you start, please read these important notes:

  • DO NOT disconnect your mikme at any time while updating it via USB

  • If you want to backup your mikme files onto your computer before updating, do so by following the steps here

updating the mikme OS on Windows

updating the mikme OS on macOS

1 – click this big, beautiful, blue button to download the latest mikme OS file to your computer 

2 – prepare your mikme

  • Make sure your mikme is powered off

  • Connect your mikme via USB cable to your computer USB port.

NOTE: not all cables are built equally and some generic and even fancy looking cables don't allow for data transfer. Therefore, we always recommend using the cable that is included with your mikme.

  • Turn your mikme on

  • The mikme button on the top of your mikme will flash orange

NOTE: it can take up to 10 seconds before the mikme button's LED begins to flash orange

3 – Update the mikme OS

  • You should see the mikme mounted as an external storage on your computer's file explorer

  • Navigate to the downloads folder of your computer and find the file you downloaded via the big, beautiful, blue button. It should be called something similar to ff004700.mkm

  • Copy or move the downloaded mkm file from your downloads folder to the mikme's root folder

  • Click the eject symbol that is next to your mikme in your file explorer menu.

NOTE: please do not unplug your mikme before taking clicking the eject button.

  • Your mikme will now begin updating. This can take around 1-5 minutes. Updating is indicated by the mikme button blinking blue and green.

  • When complete, your mikme will restart automatically. 

  • If the mikme button turns steady white or orange, this means you've successfully updated the OS of your mikme microphone via USB.

Now you're good to go.
You can start capturing your next masterpiece. 

Happy creating! 

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