Mikme Android App

The Mikme Android App is not available yet. We are committed release it as soon as possible.

Why is the Android App late?

We are working hard to get it done and to launch it as soon as possible but it turned out to be much more complicated as we first expected.

Apple have always made sure that audio is a first-class service on iOS and MacOS. Unfortunately, until recently this has not also been true for Android. While Google have updated Androids’ architecture to make audio as a service rock-solid, it is not yet the case for a majority of Android handsets currently deployed today - only a few vendors have distributed their products with the updated version of Android required to make rock-solid audio applications.

Our current internal version of the Android client for Mikme is not usable for wide-spread distribution due to this issue, and we have determined that the effort required to support the majority of the Android phones is currently not feasible for us and our small team. We continue to participate in evaluating Android hand-sets for use as a professional audio tool, and we do anticipate releasing an widely useable Android client for Mikme in the future. We really hoped it would be easier.

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