These are the release notes of the MikmeOS (operating system) of the Mikme Microphone. Please update your Mikme here.

0.71.00 – Failsafe Sync and Audio Live Monitoring – September 2019

  • Offline Sync of files recorded in standalone mode with the Mikme Microphone

  • Bluetooth Handsfree will be available for audio input to your phone for upcoming new hardware products

  • Supports Mikme Pocket product

MikmeOS Beta (Version 0.70.03) - released 27.02.2019

This is new on Mikme OS

  • This version features an Autogain algorithm, which is active after the restart of the Mikme. Pink: Autogain active. Yellow: Manual gain.

  • To switch the gain mode between Autogain and manual gain, double tap the Mikme button. The button color toggles and displays the current mode. 

  • Within 5 sec after opening the soundcheck menu on the app the autogain algorithm adjusts very quickly (aggressive mode) to the soundlevel. After that the algorithm goes back to "default" mode.

  • In aggressive mode: Adjusts instantly when clipping and instantly on low audio level. On default mode: Adjusts instantly when clipping and after 20 sec on low audio level.

  • Changes to the Mikme UI when making the bluetooth connection to the app. App connected to Mikme: RGBLED is white and then flashes 5 times blue.

  • The bluetooth name of the Mikme is now always: MIKME<the last 4 digits of the serial number>

MikmeOS Beta (Version 0.54.04) - released 14.06.2018

This is new on Mikme OS

  • Mikme Microphone can be used as an external USB Microphone for Mac and PC computers (48kHz, 24 Bit, mono)

  • While wireless recording Mikme records a 44.1kHz M4a file only

  • While local recording Mikme records either a 44.1kHz M4a, 44.1kHz Wav, 48kHz Wav or 96kHz Wav file

  • The local recording settings can be set using the MIKME.INI file or the iOS App.

  • OTA (Over the air) updates using the iOS App of MIkme OS

  • More accurate waveform while recording with Mikme App

  • Smaller improvements.

MikmeOS Beta (Version 0.49) - released 8.11.2017


  • More accurate waveform while recording with Mikme App

  • Smaller improvements.

MikmeOS Beta (Version 0.47) - released 18.07.2017


  • Do not block syncing if there are files not available

  • Increased buffer size for gap filling to speed up sync speed

  • Smaller improvements

MikmeOS Beta (Version 0.41) - released 19.05.2017


  • Fixed first startup issue if battery was discharged where you needed to perform a hardware reset with Bootloader update

  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Stop recording locally with top button at Mikme Microphone even if recording was started with the Mikme App – Feature request from some backers ;-)


  • While recording the microphone gain can now be changed with the +/- buttons locally – Feature request from some backers ;-)


  • Clocks for samplerates for 48 kHz and 96 kHz are now accurate


  • Limit headphone output according CE certification

  • Fixed inconsistent headphone levels between left/right

  • Fixed low headphone levels at maximum headphone volume


  • Bluetooth connection is way more stable now (reconnect should work now automatically, detection/connection time reduced)


  • Improved USB mass storage connection

MikmeOS Beta (Version 0.34) - released 16.02.2017

  • Added remote control via Mikme App for all gains (microphone gain, headphone gain, mix gain)

  • Bug fixes and improvements

MikmeOS Beta (Version 0.33) - released 10.01.2017

  • Sync is improved and works much better

  • If connection is lost the loss is indicated by an "!" icon and a notification

  • The settings screen of the microphone shows the serial number, the number of used storage and number of recorded files as well as the input gain and the current mode

  • New Bootloader included: bug fixes and improvements

  • Bug fixes and improvements

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