1 – Connect your Mikme to a proper charging device

  • Use the included USB cable to charge via your computer or a wall outlet.
  • Please be aware that this charging device needs to deliver 500 mA of charging current at the minimum (please see the markings on your charging device or check its owner's manual).
  • While charging, the Power LED will flash orange ... 
  • ... if not, perform a hardware reset by holding the Power button simultaneously with the Bluetooth button at the rear side of the Mikme Microphone (the two buttons at the left side of the USB plug) for more than 15 seconds; wait until the top LED turns off and the Mikme Microphone restarts again automatically (top LED lights up white).

2 – How long should I charge?

It's best to let the Mikme fully charge. This should take approx. 3 to 5 hours. Once Mikme is fully charged, the Power LED light turns off. If you do not have the time to fully charge Mikme, make sure to check the charging status of the battery before using, as different chargers will fuel the battery differently. Use the Power LED to check the charging status of the battery. 

  • Power LED blinking orange: battery capacity lower than 10%
  • Power LED steady orange: battery capacity between 10% and 35 %
  • Power LED steady green: battery capacity higher than 35 %

3 – How long should the Mikme operate on a full charge?

A fully charged Mikme should allow for up to 3 hours of continuous recording.

Please be aware that a fresh battery could require several charging/discharging cycles before reaching its full capacity.

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