The Mikme Microphone is designed to work as a stand-alone unit and wirelessly with the Mikme App. You do not need a phone or the App to make recordings with Mikme.

It´s as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

1 - Switch on the Mikme

After you've charged and turned on the Mikme Microphone, you can instantly ...

2 - Start recording

 ... by simply pushing the top button. To stop the recording, just push it again.

3 - Listen to your recording

You can listen to the last recorded track directly on the Mikme using headphones.

All recordings are securely stored on the internal memory. To transfer and backup your data you simply connect the microphone to your PC via the included USB cable and Mikme will work as an external storage. You can find more tips at and watch our video tutorials at our help center:

Happy Creating!

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