Please be aware that the Mikme OS (software or operating system) for your Mikme Microphone is still in BETA. This means it is still under development. 

Please backup your recorded data regularly to you computer and make sure you have the latest BETA Mikme OS (Firmware) installed.

This article outlines the release plan for the Mikme  OS (The software running on the Mikme Microphone).

00.80.00 – Audio Monitoring – May 2019

  • Audio Live Monitoring: You will be able to listen to your Audio Recording from whithin the Mikme App.

00.90.00 – Remote Recording – July 2019

  • Offline Sync of files recorded in standalone mode with the Mikme Microphone
  • Bluetooth Handsfree will be available for audio input to your phone for upcoming new hardware products
  • Supports Mikme Pocket product

Upcoming features afterwards

Live Streaming for video live streaming

Record on Top

  • Recording on Top
  • Wireless playback
  • Bluetooth SSP (Android) 
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