You can find the Mikme OS version number either via
A - the Mikme App or
B - manually via USB with your computer.

When do I need this information?

You will need this information to check if the Mikme OS (firmware) installed to your Mikme Microphone is the latest Mikme OS available. It is important to keep your Mikme OS up to date to have access to all the latest features and keep the bugs away.

A - The Mikme App

Go to the app settings if you have your Mikme selected.

There you find the Mikme OS version of your Mikme Microphone at the settings screen of the page as well as in the settings screen of the Mikme Microphone.

B - Manually via USB with your computer

follow these steps to find the Mikme OS version number if you have no Mikme App. This requires a computer and a USB cable.

1 – Connect your Mikme to your computer via USB cable

  • Read this article if you don't know how to connect your microphone to your computer.

  • Use the included USB cable to connect your Mikme.

  • Open the Mikme external storage icon in your Explorer/Finder to access the files in your Mikmes root folder.

2 – Check your Mikme OS  version number

  • Open the Version.jsn file you can find in the root folder of your Mikme.

  • Use a TextEdit App to open the Version.jsn file.

  • It should basically look like this:

The version of your Mikme OS (MOSM) in this example is 0.33.

ATTENTION: Depending on the installed MikmeOS version, this screenshot can look slightly different. There can be up to 4 sections (Bootmanager (BMMB), Bootloader (BLMB), USB manager (USBM) and Mikme OS (MOSM)) of which, under normal circumstances only the ...

  • Mikme OS (MOSM)

... will be of interest for you.

3  – Update your Mikme OS to the latest version

The actual version of Mikme OS can be found at

If necessary update your Mikme Microphone to the latest Mikme OS firmware. Follow this link to find out how you can do this.

Happy Creating!

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