Currently the Mikme App is available at the Apple App Store. This app features the basic features.

Based on a lot of customer feedback we developed the Mikme Plus App with additional premium features which is currently in Beta available. The Mikme Plus App will be available in the coming months through the Mikme Plus Service subscription (monthly/yearly paid subscription). 

These are the premium, added features of the Mikme Plus app:

Video settings for front and rear camera (@app settings menu "Video settings")

  • Set custom video framerate (25fps to 60fps - based on your iPhone)
  • Set custom video resolution (up to 4k - based on your iPhone)

Set/Lock focus and aperture manually (@video recording "tap screen" to show focus and aperture points)

  • Set a custom focus point and lock it by tapping the screen
  • Set a custom aperture point and lock it by tapping the screen

Audio settings (@app settings menu "Settings")

  • Set custom levelmeter settings for attack and decay

Branding (@app settings menu "Branding")

  • Add customer watermark (your logo) for video renderings
  • Add intro/outro videos for video rendering

We will add additional features over time for the Mikme Plus App

You can test and download the beta version of the Mikme Plus app here:

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